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• Holsters over 100+  different gun models

 MemoryCORE™ Backer consisting of memory foam between spacer mesh and cordura500  with edge binding providing maximum comfort

• No shell or retention ajustment  needed! ONE shell fits over 100 different semi-auto handguns;

The UltimateHYBRID was built for you

We took your input and from the 100's of holster you have purchased over the years and designed one holster that combines the comfort of memory foam and the reliability of kydex

The benefit of this holster is its ability to fit over 100 firearm models. This wide selection allows you to carry multiple handguns using the same holster.

The  MemoryCORE™ backer is the key to comfort. Starting with spacer mesh designed for NASA space suits, it wicks away moisture as well as increasing airflow creating a soft surface against your skin. After that a layer of memory foam creates not only the comfort layer but forms to whatever pistol you choose to carry that day. On the final layer (outer layer) we use Cordura 500. This creates a durable but safe layer to contact your firearm. To wrap it all up we use edge binding to seal up the edges to leave a smooth comfortable finish to the edge. 

TACWARE™ angled clip is used to provide the perfect attachment point to your belt. The TACWARE™ clip is made of an extremely durable Delrin material to prevent any breaking or retention problems, so you can rest assure that the holster is never coming out of your waist band with your gun. The angle of the clip provides inward pressure on the grip of your pistol increasing the concealment of your pistol. Fits belts up to 1.75"

TACWARE™ Angle clip Features:

  • Clips feature a slight angle which will help to pull your firearm closer-in to the body.  Often used with AIWB holsters.  
  • Clips fit 1.5" - 1.75" belt sizes and up to a triple-layer nylon webbing
  • Clips "hook" onto your belt for maximum retention
  • Finger-grab built-in to the end of the clip for easier installation and removal
  • 2 mounting holes give you multiple attachment options
  • High-strength yet flexible polymer holds its shape and "spring"
  • Made in the USA

We guarantee the durability of this American-made IWB holster for life with our Forever Guarantee .

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