HOFTAC Lace Wrap Holster


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      HOFTAFC Lace WRAP is an incredibly comfortable and versatile ladies conceal carry waistband holster.
      The soft and feminine elastic lace has ample stretch that comfortably hugs to a woman's curves.
      The generous 5" holster pocket accommodates
       a wide variety of firearms from small
      to full size. O
      ffered with a retention strap to further secure your firearm but
      may also be tucked into the pocket for faster draw.
      Specially designed with a support system which helps to eliminate rolling and
      sagging from the weight of your firearm
      . The built in 3/16th inch padding provides
      comfort while a moisture barrier protects your gun from sweat and oils.
      HOFTAC Lace WRAP measures 5" wide and has a s
      ecure 8" adjustable Velcro closure.
       The ambidextrous design allows for a right or left handed draw

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